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Vickie Memmer, MT, BA
Certified Home Inspector
Indoor Air Consultant
​Healthy Home Specialist

Jackson, Wyoming

Are Toxins in Your Home Making You Sick?  

Don't be surprised if the answer is yes. Toxins resulting from pesticides, natural gasses, molds, building materials, mites and more exist in many homes. Long-term exposure increases the health risks to you and your family.

The Healthy Home Assessment relies on a scientifically-validated protocol including diagnostic testing and visual assessment to identify potential hazards in your home. We then work with you to develop practical solutions. 

Have you inspected your attic for leaks, or looked in your crawl space for signs of moisture or pests? When did you last look at your dryer vent to check for an accumulation of lint that could pose a fire hazard?

​​ Do you have the time and know-how to spot health and safety hazards before they become problems  that could cause illnesses or injury ? 

Buying or Selling a Home?

As a part of our Inspection service, you will receive a free lifetime subscription to HomeBinder ($120 value). 

HomeBinder allows you to organize and save all related home information in a convenient online application. From storing paint colors, to getting maintenance reminders, HomeBinder will ensure you have all the details you need in the future right at your fingertips. 

Check out the video here.