Hot Tub Conversion-Non Chemical System

I can convert your hot tub from a chemical maintenance system to a 100% all natural enzyme based system that is easy and affordable.
Clear Choice is nature’s hot tub treatment. A 100% all-natural enzyme-based system that replaces the need for using any chemicals in your hot tub. The ingredients in the products are a blend of several types or classes of natural enzymes and co-enzymes that rapidly start the natural oxidation process and the self-purification of your hot tub. It contains a non-toxic surfactant (soap) that breaks down organic waste to a smaller size. The smaller waste particles allow for a rapid, natural oxidation process to occur. This assures that the enzyme system stays alive and healthy between soaks. 

No more inhaling toxic chemical fumes or absorbing them into your body through your skin.

Teton Healthy Home’s hot tub conversion service happens in several steps.
  1. We will prep your hot tub by removing the filters and adding the Spa Prep solution into the existing water. The tub will need to run as normal for 3-7 days. This step is to remove all of the chemicals from your plumbing and hot tub, it is not to condition the water. You can continue to use your hot tub during this time.

  2. The hot tub will be drained of all water, and the interior of the tub will be cleaned. New or reconditioned filters will be reinstalled. A special micron sleeve will be placed around one filter, the micron weave catches the smaller particles that normal filters may miss.

  3. The hot tub will be refilled using a pre-filter that will remove the unwanted minerals and metals.

  4. The Clear Choice Spa Drops will be added to your spa.

  5. Teton Healthy Home will monitor the PH twice during the first month of the conversion. After that no PH monitoring is needed, the Clear Choice System will automatically settle water pH at 7.8 through 8.2 and stabilize alkalinity. Your spa and skin are protected by the water pre-filter and special conditioning agents contained in the Spa Prep and Spa Drops. 

Weekly maintenance consists of thoroughly rinsing your spa filters and micron sleeve using high pressure water and adding Spa drops to your hot tub water, as directed on the product label

Monthly maintenance requires soaking the filters in a distilled white vinegar and water solution overnight. (vinegar has the same anti-bacterial effectiveness as bleach)
Water Changes

If you keep the right balance with your Spa Drops, you can go as long as a year with the same water

The Clear Choice Startup kit includes enough Spa Drops to last 12-18 months; the hose pre-filter will be good for topping off the water in your hot tub throughout the 12 months before needing to be replaced.

"Sounds too good to be true!" This is a comment I hear from new customers. This is my response: I agree, it does sound too good. Having a twenty year career in the medical microbiology field, I was very skeptical!  I have used the Clear Choice System for the past year. Prior to that I used a different Chlorine/Bromine free system for 2 years that I liked as well. 

I switched to the Clear Choice system because it was much less maintenance and less expensive.  Mark and I both think its great. Mark because he soaks almost every night without getting dry itchy skin, and me because I am in charge of hot tub maintenance…

What you should know if you are using Chlorine Granules in Your Hot Tub?

This information is taken from the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Chlorine:
Hazards Identification: Toxic by inhalation. Corrosive to eyes and skin, Lung toxin.
Routes of Entry: Inhalation, skin, eyes, ingestion
Potential Health Effects: Inhalation-Causes burns 
to respiratory tract. Inhalation of dust or vapor from this product can be irritating to the nose, mouth, throat and lungs. 

How a Bromine Treated Hot Tub Affects Your Health
Bromine was introduced a few years ago as an alternative to Chlorine, but does not work any better, and is actually much worse. It’s in the same chemical family as Chlorine, a Halogen, and is supposed to last longer in the hot water of a spa. But bromine is almost ineffective unless activated with Chlorine or some other oxidizer. The bromine tablets you use in a floater also contain Chlorine. When the Chlorine gets low you have to add more tablets. This causes the left over bromine to build up to dangerously toxic levels. The next thing you’ll notice is an eye burning vapor when you open the cover, dry, itchy skin, difficulty breathing while in the spa, and ultimately the ‘bromine rash’ on your thighs and midriff.

And bromine has proven to be much more destructive to metals in the spa, which is why most new spas have little or no metal at all in their design. Except, of course, for the heater element. (Say bye-bye to your heater!)
And while it is widely promoted that bromine doesn’t have the ‘unpleasant’ odor of chlorine, this is only true when all water conditions are ideal. Just leave the cover on for too long a time or let the water get out of balance and wham! You’ll discover just exactly why this chemical is called bromine, named after the Greek word bromos, meaning, “stink”

What’s in Your Hot Tub?
Clear Choice Replaces ALL of the Toxic Chemicals in Your Hot Tub